Top Europe Destination You Should Not Miss

If you're planning a great adventure but not sure where to go, here's our list of Top European Destinations not to miss. Some of the cities we've written about are not filled with tourist but that's why we love it.

1. England - Liverpool
Liverpool is where the Beatles come from but it's been living behind the shadows of its glitzy cousins. However for next year, when the Beatles celebrates its 50th anniversary the city will come alive and it will be a fun destination. There will be music festivals and parties throughout the year that's why we've dubbed it as a top Europe destination not to miss.

2. France - Corsica
It's a small petite island that's quite charming. There is no crowd here aside from locals and you can smell fresh Mediterranean sea while sipping wine. Compared to Cannes or Nice, this place if virtually empty and the local life is quite the charmer. This city will also witness the Tour de France in June. So if you want to oogle hot bikers, fit in their Lycra shorts, this is the next place to fly into. Next year will be the first time that this small city in France will hold the prestigious biking competition. The race covers 3,360 kilometers and cyclists will have the amazing view of the Arc de Triomphe.

3. Iceland - Reykjavik
If you can't pronounce it, that's alright. The city is actually a top European Destination because it's quite affordable, relative to European prices. This is home to amazing volcanoes and glaciers. It also has a great degree of music to offer with Bjork calling this her home and the world famous Icelandic Opera and Iceland Symphony Orchestra offering sweet music. If you want to see amazing Aurora Borealis display this is the place to be around April. They also have Winter Lights Festival which is a big music fest and there will local and international performances.

4. Turkey - Istanbul
If you want to stay in the hippest hotels and dive into great art scenes then head over to Istanbul where you will witness both. In fact Art Istanbul International at the Haskoy Yarn Factory will have its debut on September. Be witness to Middle Eastern art while trying exotic flavors and sights.

5. Austria - Innsbruck
Vienna may be the star in Austria but Innsbruck needs some attention it deserves. Imagine being circled by powder white Alps. It also has the most amazing scenic train ride. If you're into snowboarding this is the place to be.


Hotel Industry Booms Next Year: Experts Discuss Advantages of Online Reservation System

The hotel industry in general is booming and these positive numbers will continue for the next couple of years according to experts. Currently, the travel industry shows high marks all around. In the US, in particular, the demand for accommodation in the hotel industry is nothing short of thriving, especially during holidays and peak season.

That is why travel analysts advise hotels, especially the small and medium size companies, the advantages of investing in an online reservation system to sell their products, riding this healthy demand.

Let's look at the figures before we discuss the advantages of online reservation system.

1. There is a 2.8 percent increase in demand for hotel room this year, the increase in supply is only at 0.5 percent.

2. There is a 2.3 percent hike in actually occupancy. That is a 61.3 percent increase from last year's figures.

3. The hotel industry increased their prices by USD$106 which is a 4.3 percent rise

4.There has been a rise in available room, a total of 6.6 percent increase and a price of around USD$66.

Big hotel chains and a lot of hotel companies report an increase in revenues. These same companies used their new profits to redesign their company and actually rebrand their products, change it from the image they tried to project during the economic crisis. Major hotel chain such as Four Seasons have invested a lot in putting up an online personality, spent a lot on creating a world class website and assigned a group to manage their online media and engagement.

Experts chime in that the hotel industry has seen a continuous (year to year) need for accommodations by a growing population of travelers. What's more new accommodations and businesses are slow in growth so the market has much more demands than supply. This is why the same experts tell you that if you're a small bed and breakfast or a small hotel, you can take advantage of the market and make your company's name present, especially online.

Advantages of Online Reservation System

Companies need to invest in their own online booking system to take advantage of the opportunity this positive travel market is currently in. The only way to get a sizeable profit is to invest in a system that allows for your guests to find you and easily book a room with you.

1. Fast - One advantage of having an online reservation system is that once your guests decide that would book with you, they can book with you fast and easy. If you do this manually, the process is tedious and you have a chance of losing that customer to your competitors. With online booking confirmation of a reservation is efficient.

2. Flexible - Online booking is not only efficient, you can also customize it to your needs. With an online reservation system you can write all the deals you offer it and you can even adjust it to specific dates. A lot of hotel software products out there have a sophisticated system that allows for unique settings of your online system. It's also easy to set up and you only need to customize it once.

3. Eliminates Fraud - Having your own online reservation system means you don't have to deal with frauds and scammers online.

4. Less Mishaps, More Accurate - Because the computer system locks in place the dates you don't have to make that manual error of double booking.

5. Get Your Name Out There - If you have an online reservation system, then you can join as many online booking sites and sync it into one system.


Hotelier 101: Features of Hotel Reservation System You Need

Any hotelier knows that the times are changing and the traditional mode of business is rapidly shifting and becoming digital. The traditional way of selling accommodations is promptly being replaced and instead of relying on people, hoteliers need to rely on sophisticated hotel software.

Even the mode of online business is evolving, web based transactions are being replaced by mobile transactions where smartphones and tablets are used by travelers.

As a hotelier, it is vital for you to invest in hotel softwares, sell online and explore features of hotel reservation system that will radically improve the way you do business and make profit.

All kinds of hotel business whether it is a huge hotel or a small inn needs to invest in a great hotel reservation system to not only be able to sell rooms effectively and efficiently but also provide better service to its customers.

So what exactly are the features of a hotel reservation system that you should have?

The most important aspect of a great hotel reservation system is that it is flexible. Having your own in-house hotel software allows you to run your business with just one single computer. It enables you to develop your own website and you can instantly and easily update your site when you require it.

One of the features of a hotel reservation system is that it allows you to apply your business to all the travel sites and booking agents available. Your own hotel reservation system will manage the bookings, so when, say a customer books in Agoda, that date will be blocked off in the other sites you have. No manual update required. When everything is automated there is less room for error.

Another feature of hotel reservation system to watch out for is its mobility feature. The software must include a special app that allows to tap into the market of travelers using smartphones. In fact if you really want to be competitive, your hotel should have its own app.

You cut out the middleman if you have a great hotel reservation system. This means bigger profit for you.

A good hotel software should be easy to use and its functionality should be designed so you can figure out how to use it even without help from an IT expert. This is especially important since you will need to teach your staff how to use the system and all the people working under you must master the software.

One of the best things about having your own reservation system is that when it comes to payments everything is straight forward and recorded. There is less rooms for errors or issues and both you and your guest will feel at ease. This also lessens encounters with fraudulent people who are out to take advantage of hotelier especially the smaller business.


How People Spend Holidays All Over The World

Are you ready for that grand vacation this new year? Have you booked your hotel online? If you're still confused with the thousands of holiday options, we are here to help. Here'™s how countries celebrate their holidays all over the world.


If you're in Taipei, new year will be amazing especially if you spend it watching the 509 meter high Taipei tower launch some serious firework. The firework, an original Chinese invention, will be shown for 188 seconds.

On the grounds of the Taipei 101 tower, Taiwanese superstars will perform to entertain people. Other locations with great fireworks are in Rainbow Riverside Park and Elephant Mountain.

Arab World

If you find yourself in Dubai during the new year, you should definetly go and check out the world'™s largest building called Burj Khalifa. Fittingly for the best in the world, the organizers have invested millions of dollars of fireworks display. Dubai being the delusional money spender that it is has said that the pyrotechnic work is the biggest in the world. Dubai's Atlantis Palm resort will also have a music festival. Bigtime guests include Roger Sanchez, Paul Van Dyk and Ellie Goulding.

Party Like a Samoan

You know how the Samoans skipped a full day so that they can be the first country to spend New Years right? Well any country with the balls to do that knows how to party and this new year, Samoans will party! Among all the holidays all over the world, Samoans are a few that give less emphasis on bank breaking fireworks and instead focus on celebrating the holiday with the family. Villagers put a village feast where everyone contributes to food and drinks. Samoans then gather to play songs and spend time with loved ones.


In Kyoto, the tradition is for people to make a lot of noise. Crowds gather in public place filled with food vendors that sell fish pancakes and other street food. There will be sellers of omikuji or fortune notes across Kyoto's shrines. The bell in this Buddhist city rings midnight for around 108 times, the noise is said to abolish earthly desires that complete mortals all year long.


In Sydney, Kylie Minogue will be the top performer in the city's party. It will be followed by some acrobats that will perform aerial stunt and indigenous cleansing to the end the night.


If you are in Berlin, be ready to see some people dressed in gowns and suits racing to the streets while flipping pancakes, just one of the random events during the new year in this bustling city. There will be DJs to entertain and a two kilometer strip of hardwood to dance and grind the holidays away.


We've already seen how London can party during the Olympics so we can expect no less than a great party this coming new year. The best spot to be in London during the celebration is cruising Thames or at Sky Bar watching the annual fireworks.

How will you spend your holidays? We wish for it to be fun and memorable!


The Top Hotels in Puerto Natales, Patagonia

The best place to stay in Patagonia is in the nation park at the hotel Torres Del Paine. However, it's expensive. So if you want another top hotel booking that's not so expensive, chic, and interesting here's a list of room accommodations you should check out.

We have a warning, though there may be a number of wow-factor hotels in and around the Torres Del Paine national park there is a minimum amount of days to stay. So you need to head over Puerto Natales which is just an hour's drive from the park entrance. You can easily get packages for excursion in the hotel and some hotels may even have an off the beaten path that you can take. You can even follow the trail of Scottish and German immigrant in 1911. It's located in a little town with a bit of a cosmopolitan vibe and a scene any foodie will love.

Top Hotels:

Hostal Amerindia Patagonia
It's a rustic setting and is made of traditional clapboard houses. All in all there are only 15 rooms and they are all designed to be homey. There are vintage furniture and a big old fireplace. The ground smells of coffee and cake. Most of the items in the deli are organic and anti-allergy.

Hotel Martin Gusinde
This has a nice sleek interior with dark colours, heavy furniture and a lobby that has steel and glass. It's nice and modern looking when you eat the dining room and the light fills the wooden beams. You get to see well-designed chairs and sofas. It has minimalist lines and nice truly nice space.

Kau Lodge This is owned by a group of friends who have turned a clapboard house into nice bed and breakfast accommodations. It has five rooms and every room has a great view of the Last Hope Sound. You can see Paine Mountains all the way to what feels like the ends of the earth. The room is homey and bright. It has touches of cool design.

Bories House
This looks like a colonial house. It's perched on shore of Last Hope Sound so you can imagine the views you'll get of Serrano and Balmaceda glaciers. You're surrounded by 25 acres and you'll see country scenes such as grazing horses. There are only seven rooms and it's furnished with antique designs. The whole place is Wi-Fi enabled so you'll feel isolated from the world but an internet click away.

Hotel IF
Less ostentatious design compared to other bed and breakfast inns what we like about this small hotel is that it practices sustainability and recycles as much as it can. It also has a Jacuzzi and a hot tub.


Six Ways to Improve Your Hotel's Review Result

These are not new advice but they are great pieces of advice on how to improve your hotel review. We all know that in the age of Internet, hotel reviews make a big difference to the success or failure of your property. So here are the top tips on hotel reviews...

1. Become efficient
The key to getting great reviews knows how to collect them. It's nice if you can just streamline your review collection effort and there's actually software that allows you to do just that. It's called automated Review Express and it allows you to send an internet booking engine and send guests an automatic review request. Anyone who books via your website will be sent an automated review request. Research more about Review Express or other software and see whether the budget is right for such software.

2. Use auto review responders but still email the guest
So you've decided to get an auto review request which emails your guest after they've stayed. That's a great investment but it's not enough. Not spamming but short of a thank you for your stay and please write us a review letter will go a long way in building a relationship with your guests.

3. Cater to guests even if they booked with other sites
When a guest books a room using your site, you kind of give them preference, especially with rooms. However, wherever the guest booked when they come to your accommodation you show the service which is your hotel’s brand. The same thing needs to be done with review collection. You also need to get details from the guests, ask them about their stay and kindly ask them for a review.

4. Make the process easier
If the guest has an easy time reviewing the site then you'll have a better time collecting the information. So make writing and submitting reviews an automated process. If you can find software that turns reply emails into a one click review you'll have an easier time collecting reviews.

5. Always make sure your review is up to date
Reviews about your hotel on booking sites and your website should always be current. If you're most recent review is a year old then this could be bad for your hotel image and customers might actually be suspicious about dated reviews. Be vigilant that your hotel has a steady stream of reviews.

6. If service fast and great then good review will come
At the end of the day good service creates good reviews so aside from focusing on good reviews you should concentrate on providing great service to your customers.


The Best Accommodations in Tokyo for All Kinds of Budget

Tokyo is an expensive city and when you visit the place you'll know that its character, charm and overall quality of life justify the costs. Whatever your budget limit is here are some of the best accommodation in Tokyo that can fit your budget and your bank account.

First Class Hotels

1. The Peninsula in Tokyo
You want luxury? You'll get an amazing luxury vacation in the Peninsula hotel which a lot of people said has no flows! This hotel and the luxury chain favours quality over quantity. The Peninsula is a hotel chain which only has the fewest properties in the world. That's why you'll know that its quality you'll get and The Peninsula Tokyo which is located in the ritzy neighbourhood of Ginza will not disappoint. It has designer boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants. You'll also have the Imperial Palace as your view. What's the cost of a stay? ¥46,000 per night.

2. Park Hyatt If you love the movie Lost in Translation then you'll love this hotel. Its 20 years old, renovated eight years ago but it's still the go to place for the rich and famous. The hotel has a nice view and you can see the Shinjuku from the 41st floor. The rooms are well decorated and there's a 20 meter pool for those who want to exercise by swimming. Some guests say that the neighborhood is out of location. It costs ¥60,000 per night.

3. The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Its view of the skyline is fantastic and it has all kinds of accommodation including Japanese style room for guests who want to sleep on luxurious tatami mats. It also has a 200 year old tea house for dinning. There's also a spa area and a pool. This is located in the Roppongi neighborhood which is a lively area to be in with lots of things to do. The hotel costs ¥51,000 per night.

Mid-Range Hotels

1. The Westin This may be mid-range in price but the location is at the exclusive residential hood of Ebisu. They are not luxe rooms but they are nice and comfortable. The winning factor for staying here is that you just need to walk to go to Yebisu Garden Palace and the Sapporo Breweries' headquarters. Stay here for ¥31,000 per night.

2. Claska
This is a quaint place where designers can ogle at the DIY interiors of Japanese creative. It's been dubbed as "Someone's atelier" and has framed art in all of its rooms. It has a house cafe, gallery shop, rooftop terrace and dog grooming. It's a very interesting quaint hotel. It's far away from the action but its nice space. You can stay for ¥15,000 per night.